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Embodia for Patients

When a practitioner prescribes a home exercise program to you, you will be able to view all the exercises scheduled for a given day on your dashboard. 

After signing in to your account, click on My dashboard:

On your dashboard, you can:

  • View all the exercises scheduled for a given day under the Exercises box (box #1 in the image above);
  • Specify your symptom level for a given day (box #2 in the image above);
  • Change the date to update what is being displayed on the dashboard (box #3 in the image above);

To view the instructions of an exercise prescribed to you, click on its title. This will open a popup that will include a video or text and image information on how to properly perform the exercise as well as any additional notes from your practitioner:

In the popup, you can also specify the time the exercise was completed, the number of Sets and Reps that were completed, and any additional notes that will be made available to your practitioner. Click on Mark as completed.

If you remember the instructions and would like to quickly mark an exercise as completed, you can simply click on the checkbox icon: